What is the WMLBA?

The Women’s Minor League Basketball Association (WMLBA) is a Texas-based, for-profit LLC minor professional basketball league that affords professional players, coaches and executives opportunities not often available at the minor league level.

When was the WMLBA established?

The WMLBA was founded on April 8th 2016 to give women a platform to create their own legacies by presenting them with opportunities to showcase their talents as professional athletes.

What is the WMLBA’s mission statement?

“To develop women of excellence by taking their craft to the highest level of performance.”

Why the WMLBA?

WMLBA is the obvious choice for any player, team owner, coach, agent, sponsor, scout and anyone with an interest in minor league professional basketball or the sport in general. WMLBA offers a league that maintains a high level of competition while providing a platform that showcases the best available talent. We are basketball.

How many teams are in the WMLBA?

There are currently eight teams in the WMLBA:

  • Carolina Stars
  • Dallas Lightning
  • Georgia Classic
  • Houston Galaxy
  • MidWest Reign
  • Nashville
  • San Antonio Troopers
  • Tennessee Storm

Are WMLBA players eligible to be called up to the WNBA?

Yes. WMLBA teams and officials work in close connection with all 12 WNBA franchises. Call-ups may occur at any point throughout the season.

Can the WNBA assign players to WMLBA rosters?

Yes. A team’s active roster may expand if players are assigned from a WNBA team.

How many players can be on a WMLBA roster?

There is a minimum of 10 players per roster, with two additional spots for players placed on the inactive/injury list.

How does the WMLBA season work?

Winter Season will consist of Showcases that are designed to get players jobs overseas. The Inaugural season will launch May 13th 2017.

How many games are in a WLMBA season?

Each WMLBA team plays a 16-game, 12-week schedule.

How many teams will make the playoffs?

Four teams at the end of each three-month regular season.

What is the WMLBA Showcase?

The WMLBA Showcase is an annual in-season scouting event, when all of its teams converge in one city to play in front of WNBA general managers and executives. The Showcase allows teams to evaluate players in a workout setting and may result in call-ups.

How can I watch games?

All games can be viewed on the Women’s Sports Network.

What are the official rules of the WMLBA?

Players must adhere to Women’s FIBA rules.

How are WMLBA rosters built?

Players from all stages of their careers make up a WMLBA roster. Players come from the WNBA, professional teams overseas, major US colleges and universities and directly from high school graduation. All come together in a competitive, team-oriented system where players can grow their game.

Is there an age minimum to enter the WMLBA Draft?

While the WNBA has an age minimum of 20, the WMLBA allows players to turn pro after their 18th birthday while still maintaining their WNBA draft eligibility.

Can I maintain WNBA draft eligibility while playing in the WMLBA? 

Yes. A player who is drafted or signed by a WMLBA team still maintains her WNBA draft eligibility. WNBA draft-eligible players are can be called up by WNBA teams.

How can I try out for the WMLBA?

The league holds a National Tryout once each year. Participants must fill out an application and make a $150 online payment. Additionally, each WMLBA team holds own local tryouts prior to the start of the season.


What is the purpose of a local free-agent tryout?

From local tryouts, a team may invite the best players to their training camps, where everyone has a shot at making the team’s final roster.

How can I follow the WMLBA on social media?

The official website of the WMLBA is WMLBA.com. On social media, you can follow the WMLBA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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