Community outreach is one of the WMLBA’s most important objectives. The league’s players and teams are out in the community throughout the season, helping to build homes, plant gardens and trees and interact with fans. Players make volunteer appearances at local charities, handing out Thanksgiving meals and toys on Christmas, among other occasions. Without the community’s support, the WMLBA would cease to exist. We recognize this, and aim to give back in any way possible.


Season for a Cause will be a vehicle used throughout the WMLBA season to bring awareness and fundraising to a number of the top non-profit charitable organizations across America. The goal of the program is to not only be a benefit to the selected organizations but to also stand out in the community by bringing attention to our league by partnering up with such creditable groups. Season For a Cause will help WMLBA in a number of ways and serve as a reference letter to our league’s resume, making our company more appealing to potential sponsors and owners. It is imperative that athletes everywhere use the platform they have been given to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Before the WMLBA season begins, each team will be given a list of non-profit charitable organizations to choose from. The organizations will be carefully selected based on the case statements from each group. In addition to the case statements, a key to selecting a charity will be based on how much of the donations actually goes towards the cause. Aiming for an organization where at least 70% of the money goes to help others. In some cases, only 30 or 40 cents of every dollar given to a charity actually goes toward the people it’s supposed to help. Administrative costs, and other costs sometimes eat up the donations. Inefficient charities tend to enrich a few executives at the top without doing a lot of good overall.

In an effort to bring awareness to the non-profit organizations, we also want to bring awareness to our league so partnering up with a local charity would be ideal. Smaller, community-based organizations often (but not always) use their resources effectively, and they can have a tremendous impact on the local population and potentially drastically increasing WMLBA’s fan base. Once each team has selected their group to work with, WMLBA will contact the organization’s board members and discuss the most successful fundraising techniques previously used for each cause.

Through the course of the season WMLBA teams will only focus on their selected organization to do charitable work/fundraising in the community while building the brand of WMLBA. In addition to fundraising appearances in the community, the logo from each non-profit charitable organization will be incorporated on the WMLBA’s team uniform for the season. The uniform design will also be partially based on the team’s chosen organization.

At the last home game of the regular season, a board member or representative from the respective organization will be in attendance and presented a team autographed jersey and asked to say a few words to the crowd about how impactful the WMLBA team has been in raising awareness of their cause throughout the course of the season.

Athletes live under a public light. Their behavior is emulated by those around them. It is extremely vital that we find a balance between the WMLBA’s athletic performance and comprehensive personal characteristics.  By building a league, we are building a brand and Season for a Cause will be a great foundation to build on.

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